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Invest in your directors

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Director effectiveness

Organisations spend a significant amount of time, money and effort developing and appraising the performance of their CEO and the senior leadership team but not many invest resources in the growth and development of their directors.

Organisations that develop and appraise their directors testify to the importance of such action and the significant return they achieve on that investment.

A simple, unobtrusive approach

Our Director Effectiveness Survey uses a special online data collection technology that has been designed to be unobtrusive and to be completed in one web-based survey by each participant over the web in less than 30 minutes.


director effectiveness survey table

The survey can also be completed by executives that regularly attend board meetings and who therefore know the directors well. They can rate the attributes of each and provide comments in relation to their strengths and opportunities for improvement or just provide comments without a rating. Either way, this will be of significant additional benefit to each director.

director effectiveness

Three Director Effectiveness Surveys to choose from

Insync has developed three new Director Effectiveness Surveys that can be acquired online via our Board Benchmarking division. The three benchmarked surveys are used as part of Insync’s externally facilitated board performance review and can also be used by organisations as part of a light touch review with or without additional professional advice to interpret and act on the survey results. The three surveys include:

An extended Director Effectiveness Survey comprising of 28 survey items and 4 discrete factors of a director’s effectiveness, which takes around 40 minutes to complete based on 7 directors. A separate report is provided to each director, normally via the Chair.

A premium Director Effectiveness Survey comprising of 14 survey items and 4 discrete factors of a director’s effectiveness, which takes around 30 minutes to complete based on 7 directors. A separate report is provided to each director, normally via the Chair.

A short Director Effectiveness Survey Module comprising only 3 survey items and 2 open questions, which takes around 5 minutes to complete based on 7 directors. A separate scorecard is provided to each director, normally via the Chair.

Individual reports as well as a group report

Individual reports or scorecards show each director’s rating of themselves as well as the rating of each director by others. It also shows how the rating of each director by others is compared to the rating by others of all directors. This perspective highlights the perceptions of the director’s strengths relative to other directors.

The written responses add context and further insights to the numerical data included in each report.

A separate group report shows the average results for all directors, which identifies those issues that the directors excel at overall and those issues where they can most improve as a group.

Debrief of results

Much of the value is derived from the feedback process where directors are encouraged to determine what the ratings and comments of peers are saying to them in terms of their main strengths and where their contribution to the board can be enhanced. The process includes matching up their views with the views of the Chair and/or an expert facilitator from Insync and helping each director develop a plan to enhance their performance.

Our Director Effectiveness Framework

Our Director Effectiveness Survey uses the following framework:

  • Personal attributes (highly reliable, high integrity and ethics, independence of mind, sound judgement, thorough, relates well to others)
  • Teamwork (constructive in a team, adds new perspectives, good group problem solver, presents views well, deals well with conflict, fully supports decisions)
  • Leadership (sets a good example, insists on high standards, displays strategic thinking, can be decisive, influences direction and purpose, good ambassador)
  • Oversight (understands oversight versus management, financially literate, understand legal duties, oversights risks, understands the business, its major challenges and drives of success)


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