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Insync Surveys CEO is a panelist at diversity in leadership event

Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett was today a panelist at Diversity Council Australia’s sell out event – Beyond the usual suspects: “the future for diverse leadership”

With nearly 200 guests at state-of-the-art ANZ facilities, the Diversity Council of Australia’s event attempted to tackle the conventional wisdom that says leaders need to look and act a certain way – like being an extrovert, having ‘gravitas’ and commanding attention. However, the Diversity Council of Australia says that many of these often unconscious biases work against women, people from some cultural backgrounds and from other diversity groups.

See more at: http://www.dca.org.au/events-details/Upcoming-DCA-events/beyond-the-usual-suspects%3A-the-future-for-diverse-leadership/206#sthash.dAbHZPwh.dpuf

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