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Customer Experience

How to communicate your staff survey results to your team

The next step after receiving your staff survey results report is communicating the results to your team and working with your team for ongoing improvements.

Tips for conducting effective staff surveys

Assessing staff attitudes and perceptions with a staff survey is essential for any organisation that's serious about improving employee engagement, reducing staff ...

Roadblocks to achieving a high employee survey response rate

On average, a well run staff survey achieves around a 60% response rate. A useful predictor of future response rates is the level of employee engagement obtained in ...

Customer survey identifies risks

Last week we were talking to a CEO who felt he needed a customer survey. His issue: the top six per cent of clients gave him 74% of revenue. Mix this fact with an ...

Insync’s online Exit Interview portal

HR professionals use Insync's Exit Interview service so they have their own secure and confidential portal to issue online surveys to departing employees. Employees ...

Why exit interview benchmarking is important

By having a benchmarked Exit Interview process, you can confirm your gut instincts with hard facts.

New education and library website

Insync Surveys has a new website to reflect our dedication to education and libraries.

Consultant’s blog: Why pay for a customer survey when you can run it in-house

Opinion piece by one of Insync's Research Project Managers. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey is a reasonably priced tool that adheres to best practice methodology.

Employee Survey: 20 essential questions to ask and what staff survey pitfalls you can avoid?

The majority of new clients who come to Insync to run organisational research have conducted a previous staff survey.

Mapping, measuring and improving employee engagement and organisation alignment

Insync Surveys aims to help organisation be more effective, our focus on improving employee engagement extends to mapping and understanding the full employee ...

Employees are key to greater customer engagement

Many organisations across the globe are implementing cultural change programs to become more customer centric (discussed in our article The 6 essential ingredients ...

The vital link between employee and customer engagement

You won't have happy and engaged customers on one end of the phone line if you have unhappy and disengaged employees on the other end of the line.