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Insights on Employee Engagement

Recognition is a gift

Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Rose, 2011) said: "Remuneration is a right, recognition is a gift". So why isn't this free gift given more often?

Do you have a robust risk culture?

A thorough and honest answer to this question is critical for not only financial services organisations but all public, private, government and not-for-profit ...

Flexible work creates a win-win

Flexible work can achieve the main goals of both the employee and the employer

From red to green in 12 months

Yes, your organisation can go from red (bottom quartile of Insync's database) to green (top quartile) in 12 months if you use an evidence based approach to set your ...

Bold and practical action to achieve diversity

Diversity won't be achieved without bold and practical action. That was the conclusion of the advisory panel that included Insync CEO, Nicholas Barnett.

Why wellbeing matters

Most government, business and not-for-profit leaders know about employee engagement and its link to improved productivity and organisational performance. Employee ...

Want an inclusive culture? Ensure managers understand psychological safety

Middle managers are the link between the strategies of the CEO and top executives, and the delivery of organisational change. Yet research shows that while most CEOs ...

Customising employee surveys with Insync’s modules

Your employee survey shouldn't simply be a tick the box exercise. Instead, it can act as a catalyst and prepare the way for important strategic change initiatives. ...

Worried about your culture? Look at your CEO’s habits

By Nicholas Barnett, Insync CEO and author of new book: 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance

The business case for gender diversity

Despite 40 years focusing on equal opportunity and diversity initiatives, most organisations continue to have very low levels of representation of women in senior ...

Executive leadership more important than immediate boss

Retention of high performing employees is critical for maintaining and enhancing an organisation's competitive advantage.

Latest research: 5 ways to unleash the productivity and innovation within

A critical source and enabler of innovation and productivity is inside your organisation - it's your employees.