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Insights on Employee Engagement

Reduce staff turnover by creating meaningful jobs

Staff turnover becomes an even more critical issue for most organisations in competitive and challenging economic times. 

Journey to high performance: an important case study

Insync Surveys' Alignment and Engagement Survey is built on academic research that shows the two greatest drivers of organisational performance are alignment and ...

Impact of employee engagement on customer loyalty

A link between having engaged employees and increased customer loyalty and satisfaction has been established.

Impact of employee engagement on profitability

Employee engagement has a number of implications for an organisation's profitability.

Impact of employee engagement on productivity

Employees who are engaged with their job and employer are more productive because they are motivated beyond personal factors. They are more focused and more ...

Impact of employee engagement on safety

Employees who are engaged are more likely to be highly involved and absorbed in their work. If an employee is not engaged, they are less focused on their work and ...

Impact of employee engagement on retention

Simply stated, engaged employees are less likely to leave their job. If an employee has no emotional commitment to their job, there is a greater chance that they ...

Four essential steps to improve employee engagement

Organisations often make employee engagement an HR responsibility; HR are expected to collect, interpret and communicate engagement initiatives in isolation. ...

Up to 80% of staff turnover is avoidable

We've just released our latest Retention Review that reveals Australian organisations can influence and have the power to change 80% of their staff turnover. In a ...

Avoid employee engagement survey pitfalls

Careful planning of your employee engagement survey project is paramount, but there are many pitfalls which can vary from when to launch to how the survey is run.

Consultant’s blog: Should employers be looking more to social media for employee engagement?

A recent study from the UK indicates that nearly three quarters of entry level staff and three fifths of junior managers hold social media accounts for their personal use.

Exit interviews

An exit interview is a survey conducted with an employee who is leaving an organisation. The interview may be conducted by a person from within the organisation or ...