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10 Patient experience best practices from industry leaders

Patient Experience best practices from the top-performing healthcare organisations

Each year, Press Ganey honours top-performing health care organisations whose commitment to delivering reliably safe, compassionate, high-quality care — and creating a culture of excellence to engage and support caregivers — has measurably advanced the industry.  

These organisations met strict requirements for superior performance to improve the delivery of patient-centred care and foster exceptional workforce engagement. As the industry faced the immense challenges and demands presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and inequities in health care, these high performing organisations shared with us the best practices they employ to drive performance. 

According to the best-practices survey responses from Press Ganey award winners, top-performing organisations make it a strategic priority to achieve high levels of safety, workforce engagement, patient experience, and data-driven improvement.  

In the area of Patient Experience, the top-performing organisations were identified as being highly effective in the following practices: 

Theme Practice
Access to Care Patient flow strategy
Access to Care Strategies to improve patient access to health care services
Compassionate Connected Care Formal behaviour/service standards
Compassionate Connected Care Previsit confirmation phone calls
Compassionate Connected Care Proactively communicate with patients about delays
Compassionate Connected Care Shared decision-making
Data use Connect patient experience and employee engagement
Data use Share patient experience survey results with non physician staff
Safety Discharge planning upon admission
Safety Retrospective case reviews

Additional patient experience practices that are highly effective and practiced by the top-performing organisations are: 

Practice % report in use % report effective
Bedside shift report 76% 99%
Formal patient experience training/education for all staff 86% 99%
Formal service recovery program 88% 98%
Leaders round on staff 89% 100%
Post-dischrage/post-visit phone calls 94% 99%
Purposeful hourly rounds 79% 99%
SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) communication 89% 98%
Share patient experience survey results with physicians 99% 97%
Teach-back 87% 100%
Whiteboards/communication boards 95% 99%

Access Press Ganey’s latest brief to learn the best practices high-performing organisations have found to be 96-100% effective in optimising each aspect of the care experience including clinical quality, engagement, Covid-19, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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