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101 best ways to improve your board

We’ve asked some of the most senior directors of Australian and New Zealand boards for ways to improve their board. From almost 1,000 directors who have responded to our Board Effectiveness Survey over the last six years, we have chosen the best 101 suggestions.

For a quick snapshot, here are the top seven suggestions to improve your board:

  1. Chairman must foster their “trusted advisor” relationship with the CEO to support increased alignment of management and board objectives
  2. More robust discussion at the board table
  3. Continually test any tendency towards “group-think” or the impulse to nod sagely
  4. Board papers must focus more on the issues that are challenging management and be more forward looking
  5. Make a serious commitment to properly assessing the performance of the CEO in a documented process involving all non-executive directors
  6. The board should seek to understand and then commit to genuine high organisation performance
  7. The board needs a greater level of involvement/ownership on setting the three to five year strategic direction

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