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Are you getting the most out of your employee exit survey?

Saying goodbye to employees is a natural part of running an organisation, but losing key people at the wrong time can cause major setbacks. Understanding why people leave is critical to effectively manage staff turnover, productivity and organisational performance.

When a valued employee departs, recruitment costs go up, organisational productivity goes down and valuable customer relationships and corporate memory may be lost. Many organisations conduct exit interviews but many of those still don’t use an on-line exit survey to capture the report on the reasons their employees left their organisation. If organisations don’t know the changes in trends as to why their employees leave certain segments or the organisations as a whole they will be powerless to reduce inappropriate turnover and the significant related costs.

Organisations that use Insync’s employee Entry or Exit Survey systems receive their own on-line portal to analyse trends and identify areas within departments or business units that need further attention. Two reporting functions are particularly useful.

1. Trend charts

Trend charts display the average score of an exit survey item over a selected period of time. Insync provides clients with trend charts showing reasons for leaving and importance to the employee and the employee’s perception of the organisation’s performance of other survey items.

‘Importance and performance’ trend chart

This trend chart shows how effective the organisation has been in closing the gap between the importance and performance of a particular exit survey item, over the chosen time period. At a glance, organisations can see if a survey item has a gap score worthy of further investigation and if necessary, work out an action plan to close the gap.

“ABC Company provided and promoted a safe work environment”

Exit interview reasons for leaving trend chart

2. Demographic charts

Demographic charts show the breakdown of survey items by a particular demographic (e.g. department or location). Insync provides clients with demographic charts for reasons for leaving and importance and performance of other survey items.

‘Reasons for Leaving’ demographic chart

This chart shows organisations how the reason for leaving “Your direct supervisor or manager” has scored on average across the chosen demographics. At a glance the organisation can identify problem areas and set plans in motion to address those concerns.

These exit survey features provide organisations with great insights into why their employees leave and what they can do to improve turnover rates and ultimately organisational performance.

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