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Common customer survey obstacles and how to overcome them

Below are some examples of customer survey obstacles that our customers often experience and how Insync haved helped to overcome them.

Low customer survey response rate which gave little meaningful data

Insync worked with the client during the pre-customer survey phase to put together a comprehensive communications plan. It included a leaflet distributed to a quarter of a million customers explaining that the customer survey was coming, why it was significant and the “what’s in it for me” for customers.

Lack of actionable data from previous customer surveys

By reviewing and auditing the previous customer survey (provided by another survey organisation), Insync looked to the answers that the client required, then worked backwards to design and refine the questions. The survey questions were designed to provide historical trending where appropriate.

Lack of internal ownership of customer survey results

Insync worked with stakeholders both prior to and after the customer satisfaction survey to encourage ownership of the survey and its results. Action plans were mapped out in consultation with the individuals responsible for change.

Reaching a large volume of customers

Insync helped reach over 200,000 clients of a utilities company by sending out pre-customer survey brochures and communications. This form of pre-survey communication is not generally undertaken with customers, but it proved to significantly boost response rates.

Survey fatigue/over surveying

Some of the recipients of our clients’ customer surveys were suffering survey fatigue as the client had been in contact with them multiple times. Insync helped by designing a customer survey that looked fresh, was short and provided an incentive for participation.

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