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Employee engagement surveys: the missing link

Organisational research has long debated the nature and strength of the relationship between job attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction and organisational commitment) and job performance criteria.

Employee engagement survey links job attitude with performance

Research shows that job attitudes is strongly linked to employee behaviours such as: work performance, lateness, absenteeism and turnover. On the other hand employee satisfaction, commitment and job performance increases while lateness, absenteeism and turnover decrease.

A general positive attitude to a job leads individuals to contribute rather than withhold effort to their job.

The impact of employee engagement survey on organisational performance

In the past, clients have asked us “What is the predictive validity of surveying?”, or in other words, “How does surveying our employees impact on productivity and performance?”

AnswerEmployee engagement surveys affecting an organisation’s bottom-line lies not in the process itself, but in the engagement survey results that the tools deliver. This includes results that are benchmarked and actionable.

In summary:

  • Positive job attitudes are positively linked to job performance
  • Positive job attitudes reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Employee engagement surveys provide the means to measure job attitudes and provide meaningful data on the areas in which employers can seek to improve engagement
  • As a consequence, managing employee attitudes can have a direct and positive impact on an organisation’s bottom-line

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