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Keeping talented employees is a critical success factor given the current skills shortage. Employers need to devise new approaches to retain younger staff as baby boomers retire. The new generation of workers has high expectations in an employment market that lets them be choosy. It’s also important to look at ways of keeping older staff, as the pool of younger resources will not be big enough.

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Board survey research: Organisation and board performance

The 3rd in a series of boardroom perspectives based on our board survey captured the views of 625 directors who sit on 79 different Aus & New Zealand boards.

Employee retention in community services

This Insync study takes a closer look at employee retention in community services organisations. We examine the causes of employee turnover and the key initiatives ...

Employee survey research: The 2012 Insync Retention Review

Insync has released its 2012 Retention Review. The report reveals that Australian organisations can influence and have the power to change 80% of their staff turnover.