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Establishing a patient experience roadmap

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Establishing a patient experience roadmap

Insync Principal Terry Grundy, recently led a session at the APAC Patient Experience and Innovation Virtual Summit 2021 titled ‘Exploring Beyond Patient Experience: Establishing a Patient Experience Roadmap’.

The session explored the concept of redefining patient experience. The focus has shifted from customer service and convenience to trust and authenticity, and patient experience is proven to be more influential than any traditional marketing strategy.

An overview of Terry’s presentation:

  • The healthcare crisis has shifted patient expectations and models of care delivery have changed. Ultimately, this reminds providers that patients come to them for safe, reliable and compassionate care and therefore they need to go beyond just assessing the customer service elements of the patient journey.
  • Providers can no longer take for granted that patients trust them. Therefore, the measurement of patient experience must shift to assess how they engender trust by providing evidence that they are providing exceptional care in exceptional circumstances. Terry also outlines the elements of trust and key tactics to build patient loyalty through trust.

You can access the full presentation below, or get in touch to learn more. 

Terry presentation







Terry Grundy


Terry has been at the cutting edge of Patient Experience and quality improvement in the Asia/Pacific region for over twenty years. Terry’s insight is driven by his belief that success is derived from a balanced approach to strategic planning and execution through an engaged workforce.

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