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Exit interview update: Exit interview data on trend

Insync’s exit interview system features charts showing frequency, trends and demographic summaries. From our customer survey we understand that many of our clients like to use these charts in reports and presentations. In responding to customer survey feedback we’ve improved the exit interview system in the following ways:

Exit interview chart resolution and interaction

We’ve improved the image resolution of the “reasons for leaving” charts. Not only that, these exit interview charts are now interactive. By hovering over data items, it will show tool tips with information about the data point (example: importance, performance and gap is shown in the bi-variate exit interview charts).

Exit interview “reasons for leaving” frequency chart

 Exit Interview Reasons For Leaving Frequency Chart

Exit interviews on trend

We also have a new time series chart where you can also click and drag across the chart to zoom in on a particular period of time.

Exit interview “reasons for leaving” trend chart

Exit interview reasons for leaving trend chart

The exit interview frequency and trend charts are downloadable:


For more information about Insync’s exit interview and system please contact us at

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