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Exploding the myths of customer satisfaction

Happy customer


Only dissatisfied customers leave.


Satisfied customers are almost as likely to leave as dissatisfied ones. Think of your electricity provider; you may be satisfied, but you would probably walk away if you can get a better deal.

Organisations are losing faith in traditional B2B customer research because “satisfied” customers are walking away from established relationships. We set out to discover why this was happening and to develop a better way of measuring organisational success using B2B customer research. After an extensive review of the academic literature combined with our own in-house research, we found that customer satisfaction isn’t the only factor that determines buying behaviour. Emotional engagement and loyalty bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and the real payoffs: profit and growth.

We developed a customer survey to ensure clients get a complete picture of their customers’ journey. Our customer survey framework, which is shown below, measures:

  • your customer’s overall EXPERIENCE
  • how your customers JUDGE  their satisfaction
  • how customers FEEL  about your service/product and organisation, and
  • how customers intend to ACT  in terms of their future purchases and as advocates for your organisation.

Our customer survey integrates Net Promoter Score* (or NPS), a well researched and accepted measure of customer advocacy.

The impact of unsatisfied customers can be significant, including:

  • losing one or more large customer can force cost-cutting or even redundancies
  • mildly unhappy customers could be limiting your growth via negative word of mouth
  • customer value can drop if unhappy customers allocate your organisation a lower share of their budget

Our customer survey report will provide a comprehensive view to help your organisation make decisions around improving service quality, customer loyalty and advocacy. It will highlight areas of strength and areas where improvements can be made. You will be able to see which of your customers are likely to:

  • stay or switch to another provider
  • grow or reduce their purchases

Insync can help you understand how your customers experience, judge, feel and intend to act in the future.

* Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld

Download our Customer Survey Framework

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