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Improving the experience of your people

Five benefits of outsourcing your employee survey

1. An outsourced employee survey is an effective means of communication

  • It identifies the most important factors that influence employees and provides meaningful data that you can use to attract and retain staff, saving your organisation time and money and helping you improve profitability
  • An employee survey is a method of facilitating ongoing communication and maintaining relationships, improving decision making and employee engagement which will boost your organisation’s productivity
  • Conducting an employee survey means you’re interested in communicating with your staff, you care for them and want to know what they think,  leading to a happier and more engaged workforce who are willing to go the extra mile
  • An employee survey promotes two way communication between your staff and the organisation
  • It often confirms gut feelings with hard evidence, allowing leaders to build effective business cases for change or improvement initiatives

2.  An outsourced employee survey is independent, transparent and credible

  • Employee survey specialists use quality survey tools built on extensive research and statistical analysis that are tried and tested over time
  • An outsourced employee survey gives employees security that their responses will remain anonymous
  • Anonymity increases survey participation, providing your organisation with honest and open feedback, better demographic information and ROI for time spent on the employee survey
  • Employees feel connected to the organisation by giving them an independent avenue of communication to voice their opinions and concerns
  • An external employee survey provider will do all the work, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your job

3. An outsourced employee survey helps to collect baseline data to measure progress and compare results

  • Understand the current state of the organisation and move from guess work to evidence-based decision making
  • Baseline data gives an indication of your organisation’s current market position and assists in identifying growth opportunities
  • An employee survey can highlight ROI on initiatives
  • Prepare for change management and action planning
  • Baseline data allows you to compare departments or business units
  • Identify problem areas or celebrate successes

4. An outsourced employee survey provides actionable data

  • An employee survey gathers objective data that’s converted to knowledge. It helps you to make sound decisions and prioritise them based on evidence, so you can address real issues that are important to the organisation
  • Embed a culture of best practice and engage in continuous improvement to reduce inefficiencies, improve profitability and market share
  • An employee survey helps you to find areas of inefficiency, such as wasted time and money, and allows you to redirect resources to more appropriate initiatives
  • Create accountability and ownership within your organisation in taking action to reduce the risk, improve clarity and employee engagement
  • An employee survey may identify problems before they become obvious so they can be addressed early and without much impact on the organisation
  • Use employee survey data to demonstrate value so you can secure funding to support strategic decisions and initiatives
  • Employee survey data can assist with your organisation’s compliance and regulatory obligations

5. An outsourced employee survey allows you to be a thought leader in your organisation/industry

  • An employee survey can identify trends and external threats, giving your organisation a competitive edge
  • It can improve corporate social responsibility direction and initiatives, and  provide a  clear point of difference to competitors about your employer brand, i.e. being an employer of choice

Different types of employee surveys:

  • Alignment and Engagement Survey – measures how aligned your employees are with your organisation’s strategy
  • Employee Opinion Survey – measures the gap between your employees’ perception of your organisation’s performance and how important it is to them
  • Employee Engagement Survey – get the most out of your workforce by measuring and improving employee engagement
  • 360 Feedback – a tailored survey to help your leaders gain self-awareness and improve their skills so they’re better managers to boost employee engagement within their team
  • Exit Interview – find out people’s reason for leaving and how you can reduce employee turnover rates, lower recruitment costs and reduce HR admin time
  • Employee Pulse Survey – a short version of an employee survey by taking a snapshot of employee views
  • Employee Focus Groups – gain further understanding into your staff survey results and use this information for action planning

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