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Four steps to help healthcare leaders break down silos

By Patrick T. Ryan, Chief Executive Officer and James Merlino, M.D., Chief Transformation Officer of Press Ganey

Insync’s strategic healthcare partner Press Ganey leads the US and the world with their Patient Experience transformation solutions. This article was published by the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Your executive leadership team has been firing on all cylinders. Your CEO has emphasised the need for safety initiatives, undertaken high-reliability training, established safety huddles and connected real patient stories to your organisation’s safety work.

Your senior leaders have created an Office of Patient Experience and analysed your data to prioritise improvement efforts. Your hospital or health system captures employee feedback every quarter and has your human resources leaders developing retention and resilience programs. Your organisation’s quality teams have employed evidence-based practices and they are laser-focused on “meaningful measures.”

So, with all this progress, why does it feel like your senior leaders are climbing uphill every day?

The missing variable may rise well above these initiatives. While your organisation’s efforts may individually address safety, quality, patient experience and workforce engagement, your leadership – and your resources – may not be convened around one aligned plan.

Here are four critical first steps toward leadership convergence under one unified strategy and related metrics.

  1. Actively encourage leadership convergence
  2. Establish a balanced scorecard
  3. Support your executive leadership team
  4. Align your structure with your strategy

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