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Consultant’s blog: Going green for employee engagement

Opinion piece by one of Insync’s Research Project Managers

Can businesses operating under our carbon taxing Gillard government learn something from US style “corporate sustainability philanthropy”?

It has long been recognised that employee engagement has a direct correlation on the success and therefore profitability of an organisation.

The extent to which employees feel pride in their work, their organisation and what it achieves unquestionably affects their sense of pride and therefore commitment to their employer. The greater the sense of pride and commitment the more likely they are to stay put and perform “pro-role behaviours”.

The recent budget has squeezed hard-working Australians and businesses for more of a share of their Aussie dollars in the form of carbon tax. We now realise that environmental considerations are now impacting us personally in a financial sense, perhaps raising our awareness of our own environmental consciences.

Employee engagement is now being linked to sustainability practices, particularly it seems amongst US firms. Job descriptions, bonuses and pay are being linked directly with practices of more sustained living. For example Google and some American banks are providing financial incentives to employees who swap gas guzzling cars for hybrids and alternative fuel cars. Sony is offering cash to employees to install solar panels in their homes.

If all things were equal, would you feel more pride and satisfaction working for an organisation who took steps to enable you to live in sustainable manner, or one who paid it no attention?

It seems likely that as the carbon tax increases the cost of living, employee engagement can be linked to corporate philanthropy and sustainability practices. It can also help with an organisation’s employee value proposition. It’s a win-win situation.

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