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Good Practice Guide for Patient/Client Privacy

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Good Practice Guide for Patient/Client Privacy

This good practice guide outlines the key improvement suggestions for protecting and managing patients’/clients’ privacy and confidentiality within the healthcare setting. These guidelines can be applied to all healthcare settings, including emergency departments, inpatient, and outpatient. However, healthcare providers must consider the environmental and social factors that differ between service settings. Remember, patient privacy is not just an ethical responsibility, but it also directly impacts healthcare outcomes, making your role even more crucial.

5 key improvement suggestions

Consider the following key good practice suggestions for providing patient/client privacy and confidentiality:

  1. Ensure patient information is protected and secure
  2. Providing patients/clients with adequate and reliable resources regarding their privacy and confidentiality rights
  3. Establish protocols and expectations that respect personal privacy and confidentiality
  4. Maintain transparency with patients/clients regarding the sharing of their information
  5. Acknowledge and respond promptly to patients’/clients’ privacy or confidentiality concerns

Download the guide to delve deeper into these suggestions.

Good patient guide for respecting patient privacy report cover

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