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How long does a staff survey project take?

At Insync, we receive requests to launch staff surveys in as little as three weeks. Do you know if that’s a reasonable timeframe?

Just like managing any other project, a staff survey has many components that need to be considered.

If you’ve chosen to run your staff survey externally, before working with your survey provider it’s best to be clear on the areas that can impact the project itself and the timeline.

Some of these include:

  • Stakeholders and roles: for your staff survey project to be successful, you will need buy-in and commitment from the top and also from everyone involved, as well as clarity on each person’s role in the project
  • The purpose of the staff survey: this will help you decide the type of staff survey that’s right for your organisation and what actions you want to take with the results
  • Scope: “must haves” vs “nice to haves”
  • Level of customisation: the more you customise your staff survey the longer it will take to launch

A typical staff survey project timeline

There are three main phases of a staff survey listed below including the typical timeframes.

Pre-staff survey phase: 3-4 weeks

This phase begins with a survey planning and requirements gathering meeting. It also includes all pre-survey communication to advertise the upcoming staff survey.

Survey phase: 2-3 weeks

Throughout this phase, your survey project manager will work closely with your organisation to provide updates on participation rates. If participation is low, action will be taken to improve response which may include keeping the staff survey open for longer.

Post-staff survey phase: 3-4 weeks

This is the number crunching stage where your staff survey responses are analysed and benchmarked (if applicable) and a results report is compiled. This report is usually available within three weeks after the staff survey is closed. To help you interpret and understand your survey results, your project manager will provide a debrief to your nominated management team.Download our project timeline template for your next staff survey

Download our project timeline template for your next staff survey.

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