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Insync’s online Exit Interview portal

HR professionals use Insync’s Exit Interview service so they have their own secure and confidential portal to issue online surveys to departing employees. Employees then complete the exit survey at their own computer. We can also arrange for telephone or face-to-face exit interviews if required.

Exit interview portal preview

Upon log-in the HR user can see which Exit Interviews haven’t yet been completed and can follow-up exiting employees before they leave.

The self-serve portal allows HR to view graphs with their organisation’s results in real-time for a snapshot into why employees are leaving overall. The search feature is particularly useful to find comments or answers relating to a theme. HR can also read individual employees’ exit interview results and then share them with the employee’s manager if appropriate.

Exit interview portal benefits

HR use the results from their Exit Interview portal to create business cases and to implement informed initiatives that will reduce the cost associated with recruitment due to employee turnover.

Our clients enjoy using the demographic filters in the portal to easily and accurately split Exit Interview results and view graphs based on:

  • gender
  • location
  • department
  • age
  • level of seniority, and
  • date range

HR can then target employee retention initiatives for particular demographic groups and track improvements.

In Insync’s online Exit Interview portal, there are two “reasons for leaving” charts. One shows your internal “reasons for leaving” chart and the second shows a benchmarked chart to compare your results against those from other organisations. This allows you to interpret your employee attrition drivers against the wider marketplace.

Exit interview data benchmarking

Our benchmark data has been gathered over eight years from 13,000 Exit Interview responses. Our unique benchmarking feature demonstrates our commitment to addressing unwanted employee turnover.

Without benchmarking an organisation’s exit survey data might indicate that employees are primarily leaving because of their pay and conditions. However, viewing the same data in the benchmarking chart (below) shows that “direct supervisors and managers” is the problem area. For this organisation, leadership issues may have greater impact on employees’ decision to leave compared to other organisations.










Insync’s benchmarking service also highlights areas where your organisation is performing lower (in this case better) than the benchmark. In this same example, “job satisfaction in the role” may be less of an issue for this organisation than others.

Other features of the Exit Interview portal

  • charts can be copied and pasted or dragged into emails, documents and presentations
  • charts can also be printed from your web browser
  • charts display quickly and most browsers are supported
  • charts can be saved as an image

Insync regularly improves and upgrades our Exit Interview portal based on client feedback.

Our Exit Interview clients have an account director who is available to take you through the portal and to offer support. Our registered psychologists and/or research experts can also present an organisation’s results back to them in an independent and professional written report or in a presentation to senior management. These Exit Interview presentations are very much appreciated when an organisation is facing challenging market conditions or significant change.

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Insync’s online Exit Interview portal

HR professionals use Insync's Exit Interview service so they have their own secure and confidential portal to issue online surveys to departing employees. Employees ...

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