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Keep your finger on your organisation’s pulse

It’s important to measure your organisation’s performance with an annual survey such as an Alignment and Engagement Survey, but a pulse survey at key times of the year offers a different and more immediate perspective.

Pulse surveys are quick and cost effective

Pulse surveys can measure and drive real organisational change by taking a snapshot of employee perspectives of the effectiveness of a change program, or to gauge the impact of recent initiatives. Pulse surveys are very cost effective and time efficient and when used in conjunction with an annual survey, can add impetus and focus to key areas for improvement. Pulse Surveys of 20 items or less can take less than 2 minutes to complete so are very unobtrusive in terms of employee time and distraction.

Pulse surveys come in different shapes and sizes

More and more of our clients are finding pulse surveys to be a valuable addition throughout the year in between their main surveys. A global top 20 ASX client used our pulse survey to gain a baseline measurement of employee perceptions of how well the organisation’s new vision and strategy had been accepted, and how well the organisation’s new values had been embedded into its culture. Subsequent bi-annual Pulse Surveys will measure improvements from that baseline across the whole organisation, within each division and in each business unit.

Another client conducted a 7 organisational habits pulse survey, based on our recent research The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance. This organisation wanted to measure their employees’ perceptions on the 12 benchmarked survey statements that make up the 7 habits, to gauge how well it was performing against the high performing organisations in Insync Surveys’ database. The pulse survey also included a few items from their previous annual Alignment and Engagement Survey that needed additional focus and improvement.

Other clients use our Employee Engagement Survey for 21 items plus some of our customised survey items as their shorter pulse survey between their Alignment and Engagement Surveys.

Pulse surveys are easily customised

Unlike many standard employee surveys, pulse surveys can be customised to meet your needs. Whether you want to measure employee engagement, employee alignment with long term direction or how well new values and behaviours have been embedded into your organisation’s culture, a pulse survey will quickly identify areas for improvement so you can get on to actually making the necessary changes happen.

Pulse surveys also allow you to focus on just one or two segments of the organisation that require attention, such as a location, department or other demographic. This bite-sized approach means assessments can be made quickly and easily without having to involve the entire organisation.

Intuitive benchmark reporting

Insync Surveys has designed highly intuitive benchmarked reports of its pulse surveys. It recently delivered around 150 reports through its online portal to the relevant CEOs, HR leaders and business unit managers of a global top 20 ASX company. Each recipient received a report relevant to their area of the organisation with most survey items benchmarked against Insync Surveys’ database.

Click here for more information on pulse surveys, or contact us to talk about how you can implement a quick pulse survey for your organisation.

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