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Listen to your employees during the “bad times”

Employee surveys are important no matter how the economy and your organisation is performing. More often than not, they’re put on the back burner during economic uncertainty.

Organisations that take their eye off the ball risk playing catch up when the economy turns around, but by then it might be too late to listen to your employees.

Your employees may be disappointed that their views were not considered important enough to be considered during the “bad times”; the good employees might have decided to leave or the remaining employees’ attitudes might have had a detrimental effect on productivity, customer service, performance and organisational culture.

Maintain employee engagement

It’s especially important to use an employee survey to measure leadership and communication during economic uncertainty. These areas help to maintain employee engagement and significantly contribute towards pulling your organisation through the bad times. Leading from the front foot, communicating direction will reinforce alignment with employees and keep everyone on the same path.

Stay in touch with your employees

You don’t need to invest in a full blown employee survey to stay in touch with your employees. You can take a quick pulse of your organisation’s leadership and communication capabilities with an Employee Pulse Survey. Insync Surveys’ Employee Pulse Survey is a short version of our employee survey, it’s the perfect tool to quickly identify areas most in need of improvement.

A full employee survey can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your organisaton’s alignment and employee engagement. It measures how well your organisation is positioned to meet its strategic objectives including an overview of how well positioned it is in the areas of leadership and communication. The employee survey results allow your organisation to devise the best path to set yourself up for sustainable high performance.

Ensure your organisation is well positioned to take advantage when the bad times are over.

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