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Meeting the needs of the aged care sector, post Royal Commission

A consumer centric approach is critical to the future of aged care providers

Establishing a consumer centric approach is crucial to the future of aged care providers in the face of the Royal Commission recommendations.

Additionally, emerging trends in the Aged Care Sector highlight the importance of data to make informed decisions and meet changing requirements stemming from the Royal Commission recommendations.

The recent recommendations established the importance of:

  • Consumer needs being the centrepiece – their health, safety and wellbeing and wants & needs as paramount
  • Increased individualised support services which are tailored to consumer needs
  • Consumers being supported to stay in home if they choose
  • A shared view on what quality care looks like for all consumers
  • A workforce that is highly skilled and valued for the work they do
  • Strategic leadership and a culture that is consistent with consumer centricity
  • Systems and governance that promote good practice and consumer centricity

How Insync can help

A coordinated approach to data collection from pivotal stakeholder groups (employees, consumers and their families) provides the opportunity to triangulate insights to identify and respond to identified concerns in an effective and efficient manner. Additionally, you can identify areas of good practice that can be leveraged across the organisation. Engaging in ongoing measurement can then be used to assess the effectiveness of actions, and to identify and monitor ongoing challenges, as you become more consumer centric.

Insync has supported many of Australia’s leading healthcare and aged care providers to measure and respond to insights from its stakeholders. Insync provides simple solutions through to a more comprehensive and integrated solution, offering flexibility to meet the unique requirements of all organisations.

Some of the features of our offering include:

  • Psychometrically validated survey tools and options as well as custom options
  • Access to relevant benchmarks
  • A customised, live, online reporting portal that can be accessed from anywhere 24 X 7
  • Ability to slice and dice the data on multiple dimensions, to identify hot spots quickly and effectively
  • Evidence-based insights and solutions
  • Support with prioritisation of improvement areas based on current performance and impact
  • Full-service support from a dedicated Project Manager

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Aged care offering

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