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New tech changing the face of customer feedback

We now have the ability to access endless amounts of information in an instant whether at home, work or on the go. We have become spoiled and impatient when we are denied access to what we want to know. What do you mean I have to wait?

Everything is switching to on-demand, instant streaming, 24/7 access; we want what we want, when we want it. This couldn’t be truer in a business sense where instant feedback, metrics, results and KPIs can often lead to new opportunities for a business. Being first to know puts you in a prime position to be the first to act. Information opens up opportunities and can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

Feedback to feed strategy and change

Organisations are constantly seeking a competitive edge. Exploring the views, opinions and feelings of your customers has long been the cornerstone of successfully guiding strategy and how to interact with your customers.

Traditionally this process has been a cyclical feedback loop where we gather information, make changes, and gain feedback by seeing how we went then repeating the process. The benefits of gaining feedback instantaneously allows for better decision making, the ability to take action using the most up to date information and being confident that you are addressing relevant issues.

Data on-demand

One off paper or online surveys often only provide a snapshot in time of the views, desires and concerns of your customers. Often this process can take months from survey design, implementation and analysis to the final presentation.

While still incredibly useful, organisations face a constant battle to shorten and streamline this process. The prospect of having access to continuous, on-demand research data streaming into your organisation is an incredibly attractive proposition.

It isn’t just a pipedream or fantasy anymore. New technology is making it possible for Insync to help clients attain continuous, real-time feedback from their customers.

New feedback technology in practice

It all started when one of Australia’s largest community services providers sought Insync’s help to better express their organisation’s values in the way it carried out their voice of the client research. Insync partnered with them to ensure their values of collaboration and open and honest communication was demonstrated, while giving their clients the opportunity for their voices to be heard.

This was quite a large undertaking as the survey was translated into multiple languages, pictorial versions were created and it was delivered via paper, online via the organisation’s website, email and also in branches using tablets.

These in-branch survey stations were placed in over 50 branches Australia wide with the aim to start gathering continuous feedback from clients. This has given the organisation the ability to break away from an annual research model and continuously gather information on their customer base in real-time.

This shortens the feedback and research cycle considerably, allowing them to take action almost instantaneously. The physical presence of the tablet stations also allows Insync to identify, segment and sort data at a local level which provides the opportunity to make specialised changes across the organisation.

What’s in it for me?

Investing in the initial start-up costs may seem expensive at first but will save money and resources in the long-term by providing a vehicle for future research that can be used across the organisation, and ultimately allow more time and energy to be focused on asking the right questions rather than struggling to get a response.

It’s no secret that technology is becoming an integral part of conducting research. The landscape is changing and it is providing exciting opportunities for how we gather, access and report data on customer insights.

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