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One portal – five customer satisfaction measures

Our five customer satisfaction measures

Collecting immediate customer interaction data is a major challenge for large service-based organisations such as councils, utilities and health funds. Many of our clients conduct a large annual customer research project but aren’t collecting and interpreting continuous customer feedback throughout the year because they think it’s too hard.

We’ve found that customers typically interact with large service-based organisations in five ways:

  • Online
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Face-to-face
  • “Snail mail”

Tracking all five types of interactions can be incredibly time consuming. While some organisations are effective in collecting data, making meaning of it and turning knowledge into an improved customer experience is almost impossible.

Insync now collects data for clients at all five touchpoints. We store it and provide a simple online portal to highlight key findings continuously, rather than just once a year.

1. Online
For website enquiries we have a neat technology that rises up out of the corner of the confirmation screen then sinks back down once feedback is given.

2. Email
Customer satisfaction with email queries can be dealt with via a standard web survey.

3. Phone
Telephone enquiries are measured with an IVR survey hosted on our system and response rates of around 20% mean that the surveys are only open for one or two days a month to gather a representative sample.

4. and 5. Face-to-face and “snail mail”
Face-to-face and traditional post enquiries are dealt with using a survey on a postcard addressed to Insync Surveys. The postcards are left on customer service counters for visitors to take home. Or, the postcard is mailed back to the customer along with the issue resolution.

Online portal
Probably the best thing is not the data collection but the way our systems bring the results together in the portal for immediate end-user access. Simple analytical tools are provided for our clients to make meaning of the data, including filtering by enquiry type, medium (phone, face-to-face etc), date or even whether the issue was resolved.

Once installed, the system practically runs itself and there are no hosting issues for our clients since the data is all stored on Insync Surveys’ systems.

At Insync we have a value of innovation, which is why we were drawn to solving this continuous feedback problem many of our clients have. We do all our software development in-house. We leveraged this capability for our clients to develop an elegant solution that provides a single view of transaction satisfaction no matter how that transaction takes place.

Want to measure customer satisfaction?

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