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Staff profile: Samantha Green, Project manager, Insync Melbourne

Samantha Green, Project manager, Insync Melbourne

As an Insyncer for a year, Samantha previously gained over 15 years’ experience working in both the UK and more recently Australia. Insync has a proud history of conducting research projects across industries and Samantha has leveraged previous experience and working in transport with Metro, the property market with Herron Todd White, professional services with WHK and more.

Q. Working across industries and having come from the UK what’s the single thing that’s impressed you most about employee research in Australia?

“Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey has blown me away; it’s such a huge leap from the staff satisfaction surveys of old. The Alignment and Engagement Survey cuts straight through to the heart of the strategic principles governing every single type of organisation – irrespective of size, industry and organisational goal. How many other tools enable you to examine percentage favourable responses for items measuring factors such as “Team leadership”, “Team effectiveness” and “Investment in people”, while simultaneously benchmarking against a current, external database of similar organisations? None that I can think of! In addition the Alignment and Engagement Survey allows us to make the research really bespoke and relevant via customisation of survey items and the ability to add some of our individual client’s own questions and qualitative free text responses.

“The range of providers offering employee research within Australia is impressive, but I’m proud to have found an organisation that can both externally benchmark their results and provide the transparency of percentage favourable scores based on a statistically and psychometrically valid framework.”

Q. Many of our HR clients are working on work-life balance projects, on a personal note, how do you achieve it?

“Insync is a great organisation to work for; having led the Dream Employers research with RedBalloon they understand what motivates different demographics of staff with regard to their employment. As a working parent their flexible working conditions have secured my engagement while simultaneously benefitting the organisation. Insync allows me the opportunity to carry out a role I feel passionate about, while working during school hours so I can enjoy spending time with my family. Previously I’ve had a problem with childcare in the school holidays but Insync should be proud of their flexible working arrangements as they let me take January – a traditionally quiet time in most Australian businesses – as unpaid leave. Flexible work options enable rocketing levels of staff engagement among working parents.”

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