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Supporting patient safety with higher employee engagement

Supporting patient safety requires higher employee engagement

The relationship between employee engagement and patient safety has long been a topic of interest to leaders in the healthcare industry and is becoming more critical during a time of increased COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths testing an already burnt-out workforce.

Insync in association with Press Ganey’s latest white paper analyses the tight alignment between employee engagement and patient safety utilising a total of 564,751 respondents across 3,747 facilities representing 171 clients.

The white paper confirms that the most highly engaged healthcare employees perceive the environment they work in, the leaders and peers they work with, and their overall organisation as the support system for a strong safety culture. They typically score near the ceiling for items that help define this culture, while the most disengaged employees languish in the basement for those same items.

The white paper covers:

  • How workforce engagement protects the patient
  • Key ‘Culture of Safety’ items analysed
    • Error prevention and reporting
    • Resources and teamwork
    • Pride and reputation
  • 5 steps to an impactful employee experience
  • Putting it all together

Amanda Byers

Principal - Health, Education & Community Services

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