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Consultants blog: Trust, what is it good for? Absolutely EVERYTHING

Opinion piece by one of Insync Surveys’ Research Project Managers

Do you trust your manager? If the answer is yes, then what would you rate them on a seven point rating scale (1 worst, 7 best)?

Insync Surveys’ employee survey benchmark database of a million responses indicates that there are many people who would NOT rate their manager highly for trustworthiness.

Research has identified specific team leader behaviours which impact team members’ performance and stress levels. Research by Davis and Rothstein (2006) found a strong, positive relationship between managers’ behaviour, integrity and employee attitudes. Interestingly, this relationship is slightly stronger for females than males. Furthermore, Zhao et al found that psychological contract breach was significantly related to increased mistrust in management. They suggested that mistrust could be a normal reaction to a failure of a manager to fulfil an obligation or promise. Alternatively, mistrust of a manager may cause an employee to look for instances of breach.

Next time you skip a meeting with one of your team members, or forget to deliver on that small promise that you made, just remember to address that psychological contract breach.

None of us wants to be mistrusted!

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