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Latest research: 5 ways to unleash the productivity & innovation within

A critical source and enabler of innovation and productivity is inside your organisation – it’s your employees.

The current extent and pace of change is unprecedented in most industries.  Most organisations have been subject to new and increasing global competition, with low cost, internet-based business models commoditising many products and services and making it imperative for organisations to become more competitive, differentiated and add extra value.  Complacency is not an option.

So where will a business’ capacity to grow and increase profitability come from over the next few years? Where will the capacity of governments and not-for-profit organisations come from to deliver even more effective services?

It can and must come from an increase in productivity and innovation. But how can we ignite that increase in productivity and innovation?

Organisations already have what they need to unleash the productivity and innovation within. They simply need to find new and better ways to tap into their brilliance, creativity and potential by engaging their greatest asset, their employees. But our new research shows it’s not just your employees, it’s your highly engaged employees.

Our latest Insync research, 5 ways to unleash the productivity and innovation within, is based upon the views of over 100,000 employees from around 150 organisations. It shows that highly engaged employees are:

  • At least three and a half times more likely than disengaged employees to agree that their work group is committed to improving  productivity
  • Nearly six times more likely than disengaged employees to agree that their work group uses challenging goals to improve performance
  • Almost five times more likely than disengaged employees to say their organisation is committed to bring innovative products and services to the marketplace
  • Over seven times more likely than disengaged employees to agree that their senior leadership team encourages innovation and creative ideas

Insync’s new research paper identifies five practical ways to accelerate productivity and innovation by driving employee engagement. They are:

1.       Senior leaders paint a picture of a compelling future
2.       Link employee roles and actions to the organisation’s overall goals
3.       Develop employee skills and talents
4.       Genuinely care for and support your employees
5.       Build a high performance culture

New and improved technology has been an important source of productivity improvement and innovation for the last decade and will continue to be important over the coming years. New systems and new processes play a part too. However, they all require interaction with people. Organisational cultures can embrace and leverage such initiatives. Or, conversely, hold back and diminish the impact of those new initiatives.

Download below this Insync paper, 5 ways to unleash the productivity and innovation within, to find out more about the important people dimensions and the cultural enablers of productivity improvements and innovation.

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