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Why exit interview benchmarking is important

By having a benchmarked Exit Interview process, you can confirm your gut instincts with hard facts.

Employee retention may not be a priority for you in such a slow economic climate but it soon will be if you’ve eaten into your goodwill bank. Our recent Dream Employers research shows that 55% of voters were unsatisfied with their current job. When the economy improves, the first people likely to leave are the top performers with skills other employers want. Prepare to retain talent by finding out why staff leave and how these reasons compare to other organisations using Insync Surveys’ benchmarked Exit Interview service.

Insync Surveys’ Exit Survey has been designed by registered psychologists, so you can be confident you’re asking the right questions the appropriate way. It is an online and independent source of employee feedback allowing employees to be open in their responses. When compared with our extensive benchmark database, results offer a market-wide perspective.

Without benchmarking, basic employee exit survey data can be misleading. It might prompt spend in the wrong areas. For instance, it might indicate that employees are leaving because of work stress. However, with exit survey benchmarking your results may show that the organisation has an entirely different business problem, such career opportunities.

Our benchmark data has been gathered over eight years from 13,000 responses. This unique feature demonstrates our commitment to partnering with our Exit Interview clients to add value to their organisations and tackle employee engagement and retention. Many clients also use the Exit Interview service in conjunction with our other staff survey and engagement survey offerings.

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