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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth adoption was far from widespread. The technology wasn’t in place, consumers weren’t ready, and providers resisted the shift to virtual care. Then came the pandemic resulting in a spike in telehealth take-up.

While on-site consultations have now returned, virtual care continues to fill gaps. Telehealth has huge potential to bridge inequities in healthcare, especially in rural communities with limited access to specialty care. But organisations must understand how well patients’ needs are being met through this model of care.

“Patients are clearly making the case for Telehealth consultations to become a permanent feature of our health system for both GPs and non-GP specialists” ​

– Dr Bartone, AMA President ​

Insync will be undertaking a national research project to assess and profile the primary care industry’s response to delivering compassionate, connected care to patients through telehealth practices.

Participation in this project will allow individual primary care practices to understand and respond in real-time to their patients’ attitudes and perceptions of telehealth and benchmark their performance compared to peer organisations nationally.

The survey for the study will be a customised version of Insync healthcare partner Press Ganey’s validated telehealth survey solution used by 1,000s of practices globally. The survey contains 12 rating items, a set of background and demographic items and 3 opportunities for qualitative feedback.