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Insync acquires UltraFeedback

Australia’s largest employee research company, Insync, recently acquired Australia’s leading healthcare and customer research business, UltraFeedback. “This acquisition is particularly exciting for two main reasons,” Nicholas Barnett, CEO, Insync said.

“Firstly, it will help continue to underwrite our growth into the future, as we’ll be able to serve our clients even better and with a greater range of services. It will help us build on the 15% growth we achieved during the last financial year.” The intellectual property and expertise Insync has acquired, particularly in customer research and patient experience, is significant.

Tom Holman, CEO of UltraFeedback and a number of his team have transferred with the business, ensuring a seamless transition for UltraFeedback clients. “UltraFeedback clients will also benefit from the significant extra services that are provided by Insync, such as the employee alignment and engagement surveys, employee entry and exit surveys and board reviews to name a few”, Tom Holman said.

“Secondly, most organisations do their employee and customer engagement research in isolation, which doesn’t recognise that increasing employee engagement increases customer engagement, customer retention and sales growth. Government and not for profit organisations benefit similarly through better stakeholder alignment resulting in better organisational performance. It is a well researched fact that increasing employee engagement builds organisational capacity and stakeholder loyalty. This was also demonstrated in Insync’s own research titled, The 5 people drivers of the profitable growth cycle,”Mr. Barnett said.

As Insync continues to further integrate its employee and customer surveys, it will be more able to help its clients see the big picture and important inter-relationships between employee engagement, and organisational capacity and customer loyalty. Organisations will gain the extra insights that only an integrated employee and customer research group like Insync can provide. They’ll be able to use those insights and metrics to drive stronger organisational performance.

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