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We’ve partnered with many clients recently who have truly embraced the challenge of becoming a customer centric organisation. Many have a deliberate change agenda to ensure that customer needs feature prominently in every area of their business. It’s not an easy thing to do when there are competing priorities and messages, but our six essential steps to customer centricity will guide you on your journey.

Our other articles include:

  • Culture is a choice – boards, CEOs and leadership teams need to take full responsibility for shaping, forming and adapting an organisation’s culture. It’s a big statement but our experience tells us it is true.
  • 4 ways to RAMP up your employee engagement – if you are serious about creating a better place to work and becoming more customer centric, effective and profitable then you need to RAMP up your employee engagement.
  • Five ideas to combat unconscious bias – as humans we have many unconscious biases. Our leadership decisions are also subject to them. Our roundtable uncovered five great ideas to better understand and tackle unconscious bias
  • Recognition is a gift – few things can be as demotivating for employees as not being thanked or recognised when it’s warranted.

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