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PRESS RELEASE: Measuring B2B customer satisfaction doesn’t cut it

Press release

Insync Surveys launches new tool to measure emotional engagement and loyalty to show the real drivers of profit and growth

Insync Surveys, a customer, board and employee survey provider, has said that measuring customer satisfaction can be pointless when it fails to predict Business-to-Business (B2B) buyer behaviour.

Insync Surveys CEO James Garriock said: “companies that are relying on their customer satisfaction results to predict future behaviour might be in for a nasty surprise this year. Businesses are fast losing faith in their customer research because ‘satisfied’ customers are walking away from established relationships in droves.”

An extensive review of the academic literature combined with in-house research has resulted in Insync Surveys’ new tool that measures customer emotional engagement and loyalty for businesses that sell to other businesses.

“Our new Customer Satisfaction Survey helps B2B organisations identify the customers who represent growth and profit. Our approach moves beyond mere satisfaction to emotional engagement, and even to the future behaviour of customers,” said Garriock.

“If an organisation’s key accounts are satisfied it doesn’t guarantee they’ll spend more or provide referrals. With this tool, B2B marketers no longer have to rely on filtered feedback from account managers. We want to help B2B organisations turn satisfied customers into loyal and engaged advocates.

“A recent Insync Surveys B2B marketing study showed 30% say they’re being harder hit than other internal service departments. This suggests that marketing has to fight internally for every dollar.

Because of this we’ve deliberately made this tool more affordable. We want to help businesses position themselves for the upsurge by making smart marketing investment decisions.

“With our new tool we can now describe the missing link between satisfaction and the real payoffs: profit and growth,” he said.

– Full academic reference list available upon request.

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