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PRESS RELEASE: New Insync Surveys CEO appointed as firm doubles sales and capacity

Press release

Benchmarked Stakeholder Survey company Insync Surveys has appointed current Chief Operating Officer James Garriock as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Insync Surveys doubled its sales in 2007 and continues to attract new clients and staff.

Outstanding growth will force the company to relocate its Melbourne practice to much larger premises in mid February.

Nicholas S. Barnett, the firm’s current CEO, is stepping back to pursue his portfolio of commercial and charitable interests which include advisory roles and four directorships. He will remain Insync Surveys’ Chairman and will keep his main office with Insync Surveys.

James Garriock said: “Insync Surveys is a great place to be. In the past 12 months we’ve doubled our sales and have brought on a number of marquee clients. This has allowed us to take on more employees; our new Melbourne office will seat 40. The medium term looks even brighter as we build on our extensive client networks in the region to expand into more Australasian cities.”

Insync Surveys currently has 28 Melbourne based staff and a growing Sydney presence. These numbers will grow dramatically with the addition of at least two new offices in 2008.

“Our success comes down to having a clear idea of our mission, an amazing group of people,world class products and a unified and supportive Board,” said James Garriock.

Nicholas S. Barnett said: “James Garriock has led the team and overseen impressive growth since 2005. I have every confidence James and all our fantastic people will achieve their aim of becoming the best Australian provider of benchmarked stakeholder surveys.”

The company is actively seeking a Victorian State Practice Leader.

Des McGowan, Insync Surveys’ Executive Director and Founder, remains in a client facing role.

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