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PRESS RELEASE: Not-for-profit tops benchmark database for employee satisfaction

Press release

Not-for-profit organisation surpasses corporates to lead the way in employee satisfaction

Wintringham tops the Insync Surveys benchmark database for employee satisfaction and business performance

Insync Surveys, a customer, board and employee survey provider, are proud to present Wintringham as the highest performing Australian organisation in the Insync Surveys employee opinion survey database. Employee satisfaction at Wintringham rated 5.9 out of 7 and the weighted performance index (WPI) of all survey items was 80.2%. These results are a 10 year first.

“Employee attitudes and an organisation’s culture can have major impacts on key performance areas such as employee engagement and client satisfaction. To see such a positive mind-set among Wintringham’s staff within a challenging work environment is a testament to management and their ability to infect staff with the same enthusiasm,” said James Garriock, Insync Surveys, CEO.

Wintringham is a not-for-profit organisation that provides extensive housing and street based support services to about 1200 homeless or at risk elderly people each night across metropolitan Melbourne.

The Insync Survey benchmark database adds valuable perspective to an organisation’s results. Before the Wintringham results, the highest rank for WPI overall performance was 77%.

“I believe in our staff, I value them and I go out of my way to let them know. Our positive culture is based on open communication and recognising everyone’s talent. The pay-offs in having an engaged workforce is huge. It’s not just the efficiency gains and commitment to solving human issues but the passion that people bring to their roles. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning,” says Bryan Lipmann, Wintringham, CEO.

“Innovative salary packing and professional development opportunities are often referenced as key drivers in the not-for-profit sector to retain quality staff. I challenge this, Wintringham has proven the main ingredient is simply – putting people first. Having staff support as the first addition to the Wintringham budget and it being the last to be removed, shows commitment and also demonstrates that budget restraints don’t have to impact poorly on staff morale,” added Lipmann.

“Gaining insight into an organisation’s workforce is more than getting a clear baseline it is also about setting achievable actions plans to target areas of improvement that can be measured over time,” says Garriock.

“I would recommend CEOs regularly join staff for road trips to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday pressures and issues they face. This approach encourages our team to be confident and honest in communicating their grievances. We listen to staff and act on the issues, we have a policy of never sweeping issues under the carpet,” concluded Lipmann.

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