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PRESS RELEASE: Online reporting empowers managers

Press release

Online reporting puts actionable data into the hands of those who can drive change.

Insync Surveys, a customerboard and employee survey provider, announces the launch of an interactive online reporting tool that gives organisations the power to access their own data, saves valuable time and provides meaningful results direct to the manager.

“Online reporting opens up the channels of communication to line managers allowing them to access their own results at the click of a button. Our clients don’t have to wait for a formal presentation to interpret the data because they have the data at their fingertips,” said James Garriock, Insync Surveys CEO.

“From the moment the data land in a client’s inbox it has real meaning. The reports are easy to navigate and contain extensive information on how a manager can interpret results without further assistance.”

The action orientated summaries are targeted to specific departments and managers, who can drill down into their results for greater insight and communicate this to their teams.

Waiting for the right results to be delivered via a presentation or a hardcopy report can cost valuable time and creates loss of project momentum. Once an employee engagement and/or alignment survey has been closed the online reports can be made available within one business day.

“For managers, having usable results is paramount. Our clients don’t have to wait,” added Garriock.

“We often work with clients who need over 1,000 line manager reports. Presenting these face-to-face with each line manager can take considerable time. Formal debriefs are important but the online reporting allows the client to get a head start within days of closing a survey.”

All reports are provided with benchmarked results. This allows clients to compare their results against those from a sample of comparable organisations, adding perspective to the data.

“In a world saturated with data, getting the right messages to the right people is the key to making an impact on employee engagement and alignment”, Garriock noted.

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