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PRESS RELEASE: Rapidly expanding survey group now called Insync Surveys

Press release

Insync Surveys is the new name for the stakeholder survey companies formerly known as Ambit Insights and Rodski Survey Research.

Nicholas Barnett, Chief Executive Officer said: “Our new name better reflects our complete range of integrated stakeholder surveys, which is unique in the research and survey industry.”

“We have conducted over 50% more surveys than the same time last year and we have aggressive growth plans into the future,” he said.

“We are passionate about helping organisations to get insync with all their stakeholders, including their employees, customers, suppliers and members,” he said.

Insync Surveys is a leading Australian provider of benchmarked stakeholder surveys, featuring its Employee Opinion Survey, Organisation Alignment Survey, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, 360° Reviews and Entry/Exit Survey. Insync Surveys also has surveys designed for other stakeholders, such as boards, members, students, community groups and suppliers.

Insync Surveys has carried out surveys for some of the largest organisations in Australia in the profit, not-for-profit and government sectors, including for BHP Billiton, Orica, Fosters, Toll, AXA, Tenix Alliance, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, the New South Wales Department of Community Services, Melbourne Cricket Club, many local councils, most university libraries, World Vision and Mission Australia. Insync Surveys is also establishing its reputation internationally, having done surveys in 16 languages across 30 countries in the
past two years.

Insync Surveys, through its predecessor companies, has a 20 year heritage of stakeholder research. It is also the technology provider for Leblanc Diagnostics, which delivers its board effectiveness surveys in Australia through its distribution partners, KPMG, Freehills, Oppeus, PRO:NED and Starboard Consultancy.

Until recently, Insync Surveys was part of the Ambit Group of Companies, a BRW 2005 Fast 100 company. It is now 100% owned by interests associated with senior mangers of the business.

Insync Surveys’ specialist team of project managers, organisational psychologists, statisticians and developers continue to operate from Level 10, 50 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000 and can still be reached on: phone: +61 3 8080 7227 and fax: +61 3 9614 4460. Online, they can be found at www.insyncsurveys.com.au.

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