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Dr. Erika Szerda

Principal - Commercial

Erika is passionate about fostering excellence in individuals, teams, and organisations, navigating through the ever-changing landscapes of today’s world. Holding a Doctorate in Organisation and Industrial Psychology from the University of Melbourne, along with being a registered psychologist, Erika boasts over 17 years of hands-on experience in research and consulting.

With a unique blend of strategic insight and practical wisdom, Erika serves as a specialist and trusted advisor in matters concerning organisational health and culture. Her expertise spans employee engagement, psychological safety, and psychosocial hazards, offering invaluable guidance to her clients.

Grounded in the latest research and evidence-based practices, Erika is deeply committed to applied solutions. Over the past decade, she has collaborated with over 150 organisations, delving into the core issues driving contemporary challenges and uncovering hidden potential. Her impact extends to various teams and individuals across industries.

Erika’s professional portfolio spans a wide array of sectors, with a particular focus on Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Legal industries.