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Stakeholder engagement

The people you serve

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of community engagement, government, education or public services, your people are your biggest and best asset. And you need to be able to communicate effectively with the ones you’re serving.

That could mean internal or external stakeholders, students, teachers, boards… they’re all considered your ‘customers’ and their input should be a staple piece of the puzzle in achieving your strategy.

Stakeholder engagement

Solidify the relationship between your board and stakeholders by enhancing the experience stakeholder engagement at a granular level.

Build better communication channels and consistency between leaders, directors, employees and customers so that your strategic goals are met.

We’ll help you do this through stakeholder mapping; a strong understanding of your stakeholders’ needs, motivations and experiences to improve the services you provide.

Our framework for increasing your stakeholder experience works effectively for: government stakeholder research as well as community, social enterprise and other organisations who need to meet the diverse needs of the people you work with.

Community engagement

Consulting with your community is an important step for government bodies, not-for-profits and community services to make positive change and impact.

With our guidance, you can better understand your community members’ needs, motivations and experiences with you so you can provide better services.

But the hard part is often finding resources and time to sit with members of your community to gauge their interest, objections or concerns. That’s why we take the hard work out for you, with small community focus groups or large-scale community consultation projects.

The best part is that it doesn’t end there. You’ll be working with one of our registered psychologists and research experts to run it from start to finish.

From organising the sessions and helping you create an agenda, through to moderating and ensuring you’re getting the info you needed, and also so that all participants get an equal voice and exploring different angles.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll stick to timeframes and schedules, record the feedback and analyse the results as well as arrange incentives or additional communication.

Member experience

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C membership-driven organisation, your members need to be at the forefront of everything you do.

Continual communication with your members – asking them what they need, how you can help and what’s standing in their way – is the most effective way you can uplevelup level your service and provide better experiences for your members and stakeholders.

You’ll work with our team of industry specialists: researchers and registered psychologists who will look into your results and provide advice, action plans and focus groups, depending on your needs.

In particular, the Membership Satisfaction Survey identifies members’ priorities against your organisation’s performance. Measures the effectiveness of: comms, focus, timeliness, innovation, image, perceived value and quality.

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Internal customer experience

Linked to our employee engagement work, we set our sights on your internal customers so you can really dig into what is important to them (and then deliver on it).

Using a series of targeted questions, we start by understanding your strategy and the pathway you need to take to achieve your goals.

The aim is to create better relationships between your business units, as well as decreasing friction between employees so that each person truly understands who their internal customers are and how to serve them better.

We’ve seen this applied to local governments with great success, as well as commercial and other industries too.

Student experience

We’ve spent over 30 years partnering with and understanding the education and libraries industry so we can help you provide better services to the people you work with every day.

By asking the right questions in the right way, you’ll be able to understand how you’re performing against your stakeholders’ expectations. Then we’ll take all that data, apply our expert knowledge and report back on our findings, so you have an action plan in place to make positive changes to the way you do business (enhancing your reputation at the same time).

View us as the communication point between your strategic vision, mission and values and the stakeholder (your students, parents, boards and teachers).

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