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Employee survey invitation examples

Example 1 – Online employee survey invitation email

The employee survey is set out in a number of sections and every item requires a response before moving to the next. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Dear [employee survey participant],

Thank you for agreeing to complete this important employee survey which is being conducted by [third party provider name] for [Organisation name] employees. We encourage you to complete this employee survey at work during a quiet time when you are able to concentrate without interruption.

Employee survey instructions:

  • To start this survey please insert a password in the form of an email address that is meaningful to you (e.g. This password will ensure that your survey responses are kept together and in the event that you are disrupted when completing the employee survey you will be able to re-commence where you left off. 
  • Upon entering the employee survey you will be asked a series of questions relating to your work location, business unit, length of service, etc.  Please choose the response that best represents you.
  • Each question requires a response which can be answered by selecting the corresponding number for your response. There are seven ratings available, ranging from “1 = Strongly disagree” to “7 = Strongly agree”.
  • We urge all participants to provide constructive feedback. For that reason we encourage you to avoid using the “4 = Neither agree or disagree” rating wherever possible.
  • In some cases though you may find it difficult to choose a rating on a particular question. For example, if you haven’t had sufficient time in your organisation to form an opinion then, in that situation you are best to respond with “4 = Neither agree or disagree”.
  • Remember, your first or instinctive answer is probably the most appropriate.


Insync Surveys undertakes to keep your responses strictly confidential and does not allow results that may identify you individually to be provided to your organisation or any other third party.

If you have any trouble completing the employee survey please contact [Insync Surveys project manager] at [phone number] who will assist you. The [Organisation name] contact for this survey is [Employee survey contact] and can be contacted on [phone number].

To continue into the survey, please follow this link:
[link to employee survey]

Thank you. Your contribution to this important project is much appreciated.

Chris Sample
Chief Executive Officer

Example 2 – Online employee survey invitation email

Annual [Organisation name] employee survey

We have engaged [third part provider], an independent employee survey specialist, to undertake a complete survey of [Organisation name]. The employee survey is a leading-edge measurement tool designed to determine, among other things:

  • how clearly we have set out our long-term direction and purposes
  • how well our management style aligns with our strategies
  • how well we communicate, and
  • how well we deal with our customers.

Benefits of the employee survey

In order to improve, we must commit to a constant process of internal review and analysis. One of the most productive ways to do this is to listen to your views on a broad range of issues. We believe that the time is right to undertake the important step of asking you, through this employee survey how well we are performing.

Why this employee survey?

This survey will provide us with baseline data from which we can implement appropriate strategies and plans to improve what we do and how we do it. Since this employee survey is online, we will be able to obtain speedy and comprehensive analysis of the data.

Who will see your answers?

Your responses are confidential. No one from [Organisation name] will be provided with or will have access to your individual results. The online employee survey is carried out on [third party provider]’s servers and your responses remain in their secure data storage facility.

[Third party provider] will collect individual the employee survey participant names. They collect employee email addresses only to acknowledge the completion of your survey or to remind you to complete the employee survey. [Third party provider]’s own privacy policy, which complies with Australian legislation, does not allow the provision of the employee survey results that identify any specific individual to us or to any other third party.

What do I have to do?

The employee survey should take less than 20 minutes. I suggest you do it in a quiet period where you can concentrate and do it in one sitting without interruption. Your manager knows you need time to complete the employee survey during work hours. If you have any trouble completing the survey please contact [Employee survey contact] on [ext xxx] who will assist you.

Please click on the link below to commence the employee survey.
[link to employee survey]

Thank you. Your contribution to this important project is much appreciated.

Chris Sample
Chief Executive Officer

Follow this link for more information about how to conduct an employee and staff survey.

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