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ENP® Trust Index

Trust in business and government in Australia and around the world continues to decline, eroded by corporate scandals and collapses, data and privacy breaches, systemic underpayment of employees, and the fallout resulting in an unprecedented run of Royal Commissions and investigations.

More than ever, trust is on the agenda from the boardroom to the legislature, and critically, in the minds of consumers and investors. The imperative to build and restore trust and to find ways to measure and track its existence and its impact, is at an all time high.

The question is no longer ‘why’ trust. The question is ‘how’.

The ENP® Trust Framework

Insync has partnered with Vanessa Hall and her organisation, Entente Pty Ltd, to help organisations build and restore trust and track its movement over time.

After more than a decade of studying, observing and testing how trust is formed, and the causes of its collapse in all relationships and interactions, Vanessa Hall has deployed her proven ENP® Trust Framework around the world.

Vanessa defines trust as our ability to rely on a person (or group of people), an organisation (or brand) or a product or service to deliver a specific outcome. We rely on our expectations and needs to be met and promises made to us to be kept.

Based on behavioural economics and neuroscience Vanessa shows how Expectations, Needs and Promises (ENPs) connect to create trust – a foundational human condition. This framework is explained in detail in Vanessa’s book titled The Truth About Trust in Business.

The Truth about Trust in Business book








A real-time, ongoing measure of trust

The ENP® Trust Index is a new measure that will pinpoint with speed and accuracy the greatest indicator of a congruency gap between your organisation’s promise and the expectations and needs of your key stakeholders.

Like the NPS Score, the ENP® Trust Index is designed around one well researched, proven and proprietary question:

When I see or hear the marketing and communications of [sample company], I believe them.
Copyright Insync and Vanessa Hall, 2019

This one question can be responded to by both internal stakeholders (eg., employees, contractors and volunteers) and external stakeholders (eg., customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and the community).

Trust is inspired by promises made, many of which are embedded in the marketing and communications of an organisation. This single question identifies the extent of the alignment and congruency of those promises to the expectations and the needs of the organisation’s internal and external stakeholders.

In addition to the one question, survey recipients are asked to provide reasons for their rating which can then be analysed to determine what factors are helping build trust and what factors are causing trust to dissipate.


Your own real time ENP® Trust Index portal and dashboard

Insync will build you your own ENP® Trust Index portal and dashboard where you can see the internal and external components of your trust index, how those are benchmarked against others and how your ENP® Trust Index has moved over time.

You will also be able to analyse the reasons behind your stakeholders’ scores, and take remedial action to rebuild and restore their trust.

The portal has been designed to enable you to upload contact details and to launch surveys to your chosen internal and external stakeholders at regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly or six monthly.

Specialist trust advice

You have the option to request a full analysis and debrief of your results, including insights and recommendations to rebuild and restore trust. You can also be supported by eLearning and trust workshops for your board, executives and employees and other specialist advice to more deeply embed a culture of trust.

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Insync have a very strong understanding and commitment to providing a high level of service to clients. We were very impressed with their knowledge and support they provided to us throughout the entire process.
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