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Executive leadership more important than immediate boss

Retention of high performing employees is critical for maintaining and enhancing an organisation's competitive advantage.

Prominent business leaders reflect on the 7 Business Habits

Prominent business leaders reflect on the 7 Business Habits

Taking your board from good to great

These seven suggestions for improvement were selected from 856 suggestions made by 345 directors from 47 boards in some of the largest and most important ...

Being valued is the burning point for local government employees

Like most industries, the local government sector carries some unique management and employee challenges such as clearly communicating the organisation's strategies ...

Overseeing revenue growth in a low growth economy

In a low-growth global economic environment, organisations in all sectors are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve their financial goals.

Whatever it takes?

Essendon Football Club proudly displayed its 2013 slogan  Whatever it takes until February 2013 - only a few months after they launched it to their employers, ...

Tackling unconscious bias

Unconscious bias has been referred to in the press quite a lot lately but what it actually is, how it works and what it takes to change it is not widely understood. ...

A different take on our 7 organisational habits research

Over the last few months we've been showcasing our groundbreaking new research into the 7 organisational habits that drive high performance. The Weekend Australian, ...

4 steps to living an inspiring vision

Many mission statements - or statements of vision, mission and values or guidance and positioning statements (GPS) - are empty words that simply hang on a wall and ...

How to become a partner of choice

How can your organisation become more than a supplier to your key customers?

3 steps to developing a retention roadmap

Our recent study of our extensive Exit Survey database, the 2012 Retention Review, found the majority of people leave their jobs because of the job itself - either ...

7 lessons from 7 habits

Our latest research unveils the 7 habits of high performance organisations that have steered them through a low growth economy and an increasingly competitive ...