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Impact of COVID-19 on Patient Experience in Asia

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Patient Experience in the Asian region

The COVID-19 crisis has caused unprecedented disruption in healthcare around the world. The focus on delivering the safest, high-quality experience to patients has become the guiding objective during this crisis and therefore will require patient-centredness and clinician engagement to achieve it.

Much recent research has been undertaken into the impact of the pandemic on healthcare organisations, caregivers and patients, Press Ganey has been one of the leading agencies in this research with studies conducted into patient and employee feedback collected during the pandemic and patient perceptions of the increased use of telemedicine over the past 12 months. Unfortunately, most of this research has excluded healthcare delivery in Asian countries.

Therefore, Insync (as the regional licensee for Press Ganey in the Asia/Pacific region) decided to undertake a research project into the impact of COVID-19 on patient experience in the Asian region during the first 6 months of 2021. With COVID numbers spiking at all-time highs in many countries the timing has been critical, as hospitals again struggle with the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at them and how they support their vulnerable, and at times, scared patients.

The data collection period was 1st February – 30th June 2021. 18 participating Hospitals from Japan, The Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam received feedback from 3,267 patients (COVID admitted 14% and non-COVID 86%). Data was made available in real-time, so hospitals were able to address any concerns from patients as they occurred.

The paper analyses the key findings, greatest opportunities for improvement, best practices for patient experience improvement and key strategies to build trust in the new normal of healthcare experience.

Read the full paper below.

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