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Employee survey results communication & feedback examples

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Employee survey results communication & feedback examples

Below are two examples of how you can communicate the results of your employee survey, whether they are an employee satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey.

Example 1 – Employee survey results message

Dear [staff member],

I am pleased to provide feedback of the results from our annual employee survey. The survey was completed by [x] employees (x%). A summary of the results is provided in this newsletter.

Overall, the results of the employee survey offer [Organisation name] the opportunity to improve performance in areas that are important to us. I am pleased to see that employees place a high level of importance on teamwork and workplace safety and believe we are performing well in these areas. Also of high importance to staff is delivering quality products, keeping skilled employees, job satisfaction and balancing work and life demands, to name a few. We are performing well in some of these areas and we need to work on others to really live up to our Employee Value Proposition.

Thank you for participating in the employee survey. Your comments are invaluable and will be used as the basis for ongoing discussions between managers and staff over the coming year. Continuing to improve on our performance is important to us all and will underpin the future success of our organisation.

We are committed to improving the performance of our organisation together with your level of satisfaction in the workplace.

Chris Sample
Chief Executive Officer

Example 2 – Employee survey results message

Dear colleagues,

I would like to thank you for taking time to respond to our [year] Employee Survey. The x% response rate was excellent and shows that our people care about this organisation and are passionate about its success.

Our employee survey has enabled us to have a more accurate picture of how you feel about working at [Organisation name]. The employee survey results have provided us with detailed information regarding your opinions about employee wellbeing, performance, culture, relationships, how we go about our work and where we are headed. Your feedback comes at a time when we are in a challenging business environment and presents concrete views from you about how we can work together to realise our vision of [organisation’s mission] for the future.

The board and I have taken time to reflect on your feedback and the themes that arise from it. We know that the way to impact on your commitment to the business is to improve the clarity with which we communicate future aims and strategies of [Organisation name] and the consistency in which we execute our messages.

This top line report attached highlights the main results of the employee survey and the key areas to focus on.

It is important to recognise that this is a journey – not a “quick fix” – and together we will not lose sight of the critical ports of call.

From here we plan to:

  • Identify wins that will have an immediate impact
  • Develop an action plan on the key issues that we need to improve on in the medium to longer term
  • Follow through and communicate functional and team results to you

The board and I remain absolutely committed to following through on these issues as they are fundamental to improving the way we work together and reaching our aim of [organisation’s mission].

Thanks again for your feedback.

Chris Sample
Chief Executive Officer

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