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Employee Opinion Survey

An employee survey provides organisations with a map to improve their performance and the working lives of their people.

To gain a competitive edge or to become more resilient, organisations must understand their strengths and recognise key improvement opportunities by adopting an employee survey. Our Employee Opinion Survey is a popular tool for local councils looking to benchmark against other councils in our database.

The Employee Opinion Survey covers areas of:

  • employee engagement
  • job satisfaction
  • communication
  • employee development
  • supervisor skills
  • empowerment
  • quality management.

For greater perspective, the core items in the staff survey are benchmarked. We use results from a sample of comparable organisations in our benchmark database. With a 25 year heritage, we have built one of Australia’s largest best practice databases, featuring many of Australia’s well known organisations.


Employee Opinion Survey Benefits

Our Employee Opinion Survey gives your organisation a measure of employee attitudes across a range of cultural and performance areas.
Key staff survey benefits include:

  • results uncover critical performance issues
  • strengths and weaknesses are highlighted through benchmarking your organisation’s performance and
  • improvement initiatives to achieve organisational objectives are guided by our registered psychologists
  • improvement initiatives are prioritised to give you a clear path to achieve your goals
  • giving employees an opportunity to voice concerns encourages their commitment to the organisation’s success
  • management can tailor improvement strategies as results are delivered by departments and locations and
  • desired cultural behaviours can be achieved by using the results to guide employee assessments


Our core purpose is to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance. We offer a number of core consulting services, including action planning to interactive focus groups.

Insync’s registered psychologists and research experts have the knowledge and experience to help organisations become more effective. We work with all our clients from start to finish to ensure projects are successful.

Our research project managers provide insights based on their technical and industry experience that guide post survey improvement initiatives.

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