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Why Purpose Matters

Why Purpose Matters: and how it can transform your organisation is the latest book by Insync CEO Nicholas Barnett, co-written with Rodney Howard.

Endorsements of Nicholas Barnett’s book

These endorsements are included with the  Free Chapter of the book at nsbarnett.com

Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level wrote the following Foreword to Nicholas Barnett's book titled, GPS for your ...

New book: 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance

Insync Surveys' CEO, Nicholas Barnett, has recently published a new book based on ground-breaking research involving the views of over 100,000 employees from around ...

Our chairman’s book release

Insync Surveys' executive chairman, Nicholas Barnett, has just released a book: "GPS for your Organisation: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high ...