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Best practices in response to evolving patient perceptions of cleanliness

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Addressing the changing patient perceptions of cleanliness

Patient experience data from Insync’s healthcare partner Press Ganey, including innovative analysis of 350,000 patient comments, indicate that whether patients ‘feel’ clean increasingly correlates with how they rate their overall hospital experience. As the pandemic rages on, cleanliness scores continue to decline, widening the gap between pre-and post-pandemic measures of the patient experience.

“People care about cleanliness more than ever and correlate it with safety.”

This trend created a new challenge for hospital leaders: How do you address shifting perceptions of cleanliness to meet an even higher standard when you’re already doing all you can to provide a safe and clean environment?

Press Ganey discussed this important problem in their latest report, outlining best practices hospitals can implement to address evolving patient perceptions and improve the patient experience.

Download the report below.

report cover - best practices in response to evolving patient perceptions of clean









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