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White paper: Why do so few employees feel appreciated?

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Being valued is priceless

Only half of not-for-profit staff feel truly appreciated

Only half of the employees working for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations feel their organisation truly values them. 

Our latest research uncovered results that will surprise many people – after all, NFPs have good intentions and want to make their staff feel appreciated and valued.  Why are these good intentions not resonating with half the NFP workforce?   

Feedback from 63,771 NFP employees reveals that only 49.7% feel that their organisation cares about and is committed to them.  A further 29.9% are ambivalent and 20.4% have unfavourable perceptions. 

Day to day experience tells us that if an organisation wants the support and commitment of its employees, it must in turn show support and commitment to them.   

One respondent commented: “I have lost count of the number of times I have put my hand up to say that I’m interested in learning other areas of the business… When you’re not given the opportunity to grow within the business, you don’t feel valued and that’s how I have felt for a very long time.”  

Conversely, one worker who did feel valued said: “Because I have a great manager, I absolutely love my job. I feel listened to, respected and our team has a deep level of trust – which allows room for mistakes, growth, innovation and learning. There is no blame culture, only a ‘how can we fix this together’ culture.” 

Where organisations did meet their employees’ expectations, we found there were some common themes among them, combining development, vision and values, consideration, communication, recognition, and commitment to high performance. 

Analysis of Insync’s NFP’s database allows us to quantify the difference it makes when employees feel valued and cared for, compared with those who don’t. Those employees who feel valued are:  










When employees feel valued, they are likely to work harder for their organisation. Harder-working employees, engaged and connected to the vision and purpose of the organisation, will contribute to improved organisational performance.

When it comes to a question of value, it’s a no-brainer. 

Access the full white paper below.

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