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Compassionate Connected Care model

Compassionately connecting with patients to reduce pain and prevent avoidable suffering is crucial to improved patient experience and nurses are tasked with this difficulty.

The Compassionate Connected Care model provides leaders and managers with a framework to strategically view data with the goal of addressing patient’s unmet needs by reducing suffering. The model organises actions that providers can take into four areas:

  1. Clinical excellence – connecting clinical excellence with outcomes;
  2. Operational efficiency – connecting efficiency with quality;
  3. Caring behaviours – connecting engagement with action; and
  4. Culture – connecting mission, vision and values with engagement.

In the below report 100 care providers and patients were asked to reflect on their experiences and provide statements. Six themes for the Compassionate Connected Care framework emerged:

  1. Acknowledge suffering;
  2. Body language matters;
  3. Anxiety is suffering;
  4. Coordinate care;
  5. Caring transcends diagnosis; and
  6. Autonomy reduces suffering.

Specific actions were then identified from the above themes. These actions are tangible and tactical ways in which patient suffering can be alleviated.

Access the full report below for actions or watch a short video of Previous Chief Nursing Officer of Press Ganey, Christie Dempsey discuss the model.

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